What Exactly Is The Law of Attraction?

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Find out what the Law of Attraction actually is, how it works and what this means with regards to manifesting your dreams.

What Is The Law of Attraction


What Exactly Is The Law Of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction has gained immense popularity over recent years – it seems as if everyone is talking about it.

But despite this new found popularity and the wealth of resources being circulated to teach us about it, many of us still struggle to implement the teachings in any meaningful way.


The reason, is that many of these sources of learning simply skim over the fundamental essence of the teachings.

But in order to harness the power of the Law of Attraction to effect real and positive change in your life, it is essential to gain a deep understanding of the basic principles underlying the wealth of wisdom which is popularly referred to as the Law of Attraction.

In this article, we begin with a simple explanation of what the Law of Attraction actually is. We outline the basic principles of how it works and explain what this really means in terms of our ability to consciously direct the course of our lives.

It’s All About This Little Universal Law…………

The Law of Attraction (LoA) is simply a term used to describe a Universal Law : ‘Like Attracts Like’.

So, first of all, what is a Universal Law?

Well, this universal law is not really a scientific one (as yet!), but a metaphysical one:

That means that its roots lie in philosophy and the age-old tradition of contemplating the Universe, rather than hard scientific fact.

However, as the study of quantum physics expands our understanding of the Universe and the fabric of which it is made, more and more scientific support for the LoA is being found.

We will be adding a New Science Wisdom Pod to our site in the upcoming weeks to introduce and explain some of the ‘new science’ which supports the ideas in our other Wisdom Pods.

How Does ‘Like Attracts Like’ Translate Into Manifesting My Dreams?

Well, it works like this:

Everything in the Universe is energy, and energy is always vibrating.

That means that every thought you have, is an energy vibration.

And this energy vibration radiates out into the world around you and attracts an energy vibration which matches it in frequency.

Which means, that you attract the same frequency of energy as that which you are thinking about.

And the result is this:

You attract life experiences to you which match the energy, vibration and character of the thoughts which you have.

Let’s Look At A Few Examples

Example 1:

Let’s say you are having thoughts about money – about not having enough money to enjoy your life as fully as you would like to.

These thoughts will create emotions and feelings within you which have a certain energetic vibration – an energetic vibration of a ‘lack of financial abundance’.

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This energetic vibration of ‘lack of financial abundance’ will radiate out into the world around you and will attract energy with the same vibration to it.

The result is, that you attract experiences into your life which reflect the energetic vibration of a ‘lack of financial abundance.’

Example 2:

But let’s say now that you are having thoughts about money and you are appreciating and feeling grateful for the money which you already have in your life.

You are appreciating all of the appliances and conveniences which your current financial situation affords you to have.

These thoughts are creating emotions and feelings within you which have an energetic vibration of ‘financial comfort and contentment’.

And, as we know now, this energy of ‘financial comfort and contentment’ will radiate out into the world, attracting ‘like’ energy to it.

So, the result is, that you attract life experiences which reflect and affirm your feelings of financial comfort and contentment.’

Example 3:

Let’s look at another scenario; let’s think about money, and not only will we appreciate the financial comfort and security we currently have, but we will also appreciate the potential which we know exists for us to have more money in our life.

We appreciate the possibilities that exist for us to earn even more money.

Now, our thoughts, feelings and emotions are creating an energetic vibration of ‘financial abundance and growth’.

Which, just as in every other example, will radiate out and attract the same quality and vibration of energy to it………

Resulting in us attracting into our life, experiences which affirm and reflect our thoughts and feelings of ‘financial abundance and growth’.

The Eureka Moment!

With this understanding, comes the Eureka Moment:

We are not pawns of life – we are empowered creators!

The LoA teaches us that we are far from being vulnerable creatures whose lives are a chaotic sequence of random events.

We are not pawns of life, victim to the whims of fate and chance, many of which we are powerless to change or control.

We are discovering now, in a very real and practical way, that we do indeed have the power and ability to shape our lives and experiences through the conscious directing of the creative energy within us.

And we have unwittingly been doing so our whole lives!

However, in order to begin utilizing our creative power and ability in conscious and meaningful ways, many of us will be required to make a substantial shift in our core beliefs about ourselves and reality.

And certain aspects of this will be easier for some than for others.

But it is essential that we bring our core beliefs into alignment with our new understanding of our creative potential, and you can read why this is so important in The Law of Attraction and The Law of Belief.

But for those who are curious and genuinely open to harnessing the creative potential within each and every one of us, an incredible journey of discovery and joy awaits.

Kitt Keawwantha

Christina works as an Energy Intuitive and Holistic Life Guide in Phuket, Thailand. Originally from Scotland, she has spent the past 14 years travelling, studying, living and working across Asia.

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