The Secret of The Law of Attraction Is No Secret

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Discover how we have been misled into thinking the Law of Attraction is secret knowledge and the real reason why it has become so popular.


The Secret of The Law of Attraction Is No Secret

The idea that the Law of Attraction (LoA) is a powerful teaching that allows us to ‘trick’ the Universe into giving us whatever we want, is certainly an alluring one.

Especially when coupled with the idea that it is so powerful that it has been kept hidden and secret through the ages by a powerful elite, who use it to attain whatever their hearts desire.

Round this up with the promise that someone has now discovered the secret and is willing to teach us the trick of instantly manifesting our dreams, and what do we have?

A beautifully packaged deal that few can resist.

However, as fun and alluring as this concept is, it is grossly misleading.

Not only that, but it can actually hinder our success in harnessing the real riches of the LoA.

In the following article we look into why the idea that the LoA has been kept hidden and secret is largely inaccurate. We also look at why this marketing ploy to spread the popularity of the LoA is not only contradictory in its claims, but can actually take us further away from the true teachings.

The Teachings Have Not Been Kept Secret

A major misconception which is commonly conveyed in LoA courses and teachings is this:

That it is a ‘secret’.

That the teachings have been hidden away from common knowledge by a powerful elite because they are so powerful.

Some even go so far as to promote the idea that there are secret techniques or tricks which need to be known before the LoA can be put to use.

(And of course, they are usually the ONLY ones who have unlocked this secret technique……

And their course is the ONLY course where you will find this fail-proof trick to unlocking the power of the Universe.)

And of course, this idea of the LoA being kept secret has flooded the market thanks to the popular film and book by Rhonda Byrne, The Secret, released in 2006.

But Here’s The Deal…..

In reality, the idea that the LoA has been kept secret and hidden away, or that there is secret knowledge or techniques for using it, is, quite simply, grossly misleading.

First of all, there is nothing secret about this knowledge.

Granted it has been tied up in mystical texts and teachings for the best part of human history.

But although these may be hard for us to understand and translate into practical terms, they have hardly been kept hidden.

OK, so they may not have referred to it as the Law of Attraction.

But the idea that you can affect the physical world around you simply by exercising the power of your mind, has been a part of mystical and spiritual traditions for thousands of years.

And since the early 20th Century, more than 100 years ago, these ideas and teachings have been gradually but steadily growing in mainstream popularity.

To name some of the more popular works:

‘The Kabalion’, in 1908; ‘The Science of getting Rich’, by Wallace Wattles in 1910; Napoleon Hill’s, ‘Think and Grow Rich’ in 1937; ‘The Seth Material’, from 1963, and of course, the continuing and vastly popular ‘Teachings of Abraham’ since 1986.

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All of which have led to numerous books, audios and videos, easily and freely available.

So, we can hardly consider this knowledge ‘secret’- it is readily available to all and everyone!

The Contradiction of The Secret Approach

If we view the LoA as something which has been kept secret, we have to ask, why?

The explanation is that a powerful elite wanted to keep this knowledge for themselves in order to keep the abundant riches, resources and power for themselves.

They simply didn’t want to share the abundance of the Universe with the rest of us.

But here’s the contradiction:

In order to successfully harness the LoA, you need to shift your perception of the Universe as being limited and finite in its resources.

You must accept that the Universe is boundless and abundant – abundant enough for each and every one of us to be as rich as we please.

Therefore, if this ‘powerful elite’ believed that they had to keep this knowledge secret in order to keep from sharing the Universal bounty of riches, they must have believed the Universe was limited and finite.

And this means that they would have been attempting to manifest from a place of ‘fear and non-abundance’.

And, as we will discover as we delve deeper into the wisdom of the LoA, an energy vibration of non-abundance cannot manifest abundance.

It simply makes no sense.

So, If It’s Not a Secret, Why Didn’t We Know About It Before?

In reality, the reason it has not been widely taught or known in the past, is not because it was coveted.

It is simply because the vast majority of people were not ready or able to understand the teachings and integrate them in meaningful ways into their lives.

Remember – the LoA involves ideas and concepts which shake the very foundation of your beliefs about the world and your role within it.

Not everyone was ready or able to integrate the often contradictory nature of the teachings.

Indeed, many of us are still not quite ready, which is why we still struggle to manifest what we want.

And you can read a little more about how our personal beliefs interact with the our attempts to harness the LoA in our article, The Law of Attraction and The Law of Belief.

But the reason it has been gaining in mainstream popularity over the past 100 years is this:

As a collective species and as individuals, we are becoming more ready than ever to harness the creative potential within us.

Because here’s the real deal:

“The true beauty of working with the LoA – the LoA taken in its broader sense, as a life tool to help us evolve as creative beings – is that it paves the way for us to become ready to understand ourselves, our life and our world; it gives us the inner knowledge needed to fully accept who we are, and the role we play in the universe. And this inner knowledge and acceptance prepares us for the joy of manifesting our dreams, making our inner most desires a very attainable reality.”

So, you see, there is a great wealth of wisdom and richness of experience which accompany the physical manifestation when working consciously with the LoA.

And this is why Awakened Source has come into being:

To help teach this greater body of wisdom and knowledge, not in some sensational and flashy packaged deal, but in simple and practical ways which keep it accessible and real for everyone.

If you want to know more about Awakened Source, you can visit our Homepage, or read about our approach to the Law of Attraction.

Kitt Keawwantha

Christina works as an Energy Intuitive and Holistic Life Guide in Phuket, Thailand. Originally from Scotland, she has spent the past 14 years travelling, studying, living and working across Asia.

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