The Law of Attraction and The Law of Belief

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To consciously attract experiences into your life, you must understand how the Law of Belief interacts with the Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction and Law of Belief


The Law of Attraction & The Law of Belief?

Many of us have been reading and learning about the Law of Attraction (LoA) for a while now. We have been visualizing our dreams, doing our affirmations, creating vision boards…

But we are still having little or no success.

Or worse:

Sometimes it seems that the more effort we put in, the more we seem attract the opposite of what we want. And we just can’t understand why.

Well, when we understand the difference between the LoA and the Law of Belief (LoB), we begin to understand why our attempts to harness the LoA may be fraught with futility and frustration.

In the following article, we outline the difference between the LoA and the LoB and explain how they interact and affect each other so that you can better understand how and why your attempts to manifest a new reality may be being blocked.

The Difference Between the Law of Attraction & the Law of Belief

So, first of all, what are the Law of Attraction (LoA) and the Law of Belief (LoB)?

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The Law of Attraction:

The LoA is simply a Universal Law which states that ‘Like Attracts Like’.

And the important thing to remember here is this:

The LoA is talking about ENERGY, not thoughts.

And the energy which you are made of vibrates in accordance with how you are FEELING, regardless of what you are thinking about.

But your feelings are connected to your thoughts aren’t they?

Yes, to a certain degree:

If you are thinking stressful thoughts, then you are going to feel stressed. And if you are thinking happy thoughts, you are going to feel happy.

At least, that’s how it usually works – but there are exceptions.

Let’s say that you are thinking about money. You are thinking about having lots of money, and about all the wonderful things you spend your time doing with the financial freedom that lots of money brings.

If our feelings are determined by our thoughts alone, then we should be feeling pretty good as we think these thoughts.

However, our feelings are not determined by our thoughts alone.

There is a much more significant factor when it comes to how we are feeling:

Our beliefs.

And this brings us to the LoB, and how it relates to the LoA.

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The Law of Belief:

The LoB states that ‘Belief Becomes Reality’.

What this means is that:

Whatever you believe, whether consciously, sub-consciously or unconsciously, will become a reality in your life.

If you believe you are rich, then you will be rich.

If you believe you are poor, then you will be poor.

Many people teaching about the LoA fail to take the LoB into consideration. They simply teach us that if you focus enough conscious thought and attention on your desire, then it will manifest for you.

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However, from the above example, we can see that this is not the case:

You may be thinking of having all that money – visualizing yourself rich and prosperous and free of financial constraints.

But you may have deep-seated, sub-conscious beliefs that contradict that vision, such as;

“I was not born rich, therefore I have to work hard and take time to save up any wealth”, or

“I am not a rich person – I do not live a rich and wealthy life”, or

“Money is not the root of happiness – I do not need an abundance of money in my life”, etc.

If this is the case, then you may well be feeling happy and excited and full of joy on the surface as you imagine yourself living a life of financial abundance, but deeper down there will be feelings that this is just a fantasy, that this is not real.

There may be feelings of longing and ‘if only’.

There may even be fear – fear that you may never attain your dream.

And as the LoB states, that which you believe will become your reality.

Therefore, if your sub-conscious beliefs are in contradiction to your visualizations, you may struggle to bring your dreams into reality.

No matter how much you think about having all that money, if you do not believe it to be true or attainable, then it probably never will be.


And the reason is this:

Our Waking Time is Often Run From Our Sub-Conscious

According to Dr. Bruce Lipton;

In regular waking consciousness (i.e. our state of being when we are awake and going about our day), most of us are only fully conscious for about 5% of that time.

The other 95% of our day, and all the actions, thoughts, decisions and choices we make during that time, are dictated or modified by our sub-conscious belief system.

95% of our waking time is primarily controlled or run by our sub-conscious beliefs!

Which means that 95% of the time, your energy is vibrating in synchronization with whatever sub-conscious beliefs you hold within you!

So, Is The LoA Simply Not True?

The LoB does not discredit the LoA.


The LoA only states that ‘Like Attracts Like’, and this holds true.

Whatever energy vibration you are currently holding, you will attract the same kind of energy to you.

What the LoB tells us, is that our energy vibration is predominantly determined by our sub-conscious beliefs, rather than our conscious thoughts.

So What Do We Need To Do?

In order to effectively harness the LoA to manifest a new reality into your life, you need to understand the LoB.

You need to begin to become conscious of any limiting sub-conscious beliefs which are in opposition to the reality you wish you experience.

Then, once you are conscious of them, you can begin to bring them into alignment with the reality you wish to create.

We will delve into this process of becoming conscious of your sub-conscious beliefs in greater detail within our Mindfulness Wisdom Pod.

For now, you can continue reading about the LoA with, If The Law of Attraction Is Real, Why Does It Not Work?

Or you can begin learning about Mindfulness, which we consider to be the most important Life Tool in shedding light on our sub-conscious beliefs by becoming conscious of them and how they influence our thoughts and feelings.

Kitt Keawwantha

Christina works as an Energy Intuitive and Holistic Life Guide in Phuket, Thailand. Originally from Scotland, she has spent the past 14 years travelling, studying, living and working across Asia.

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