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We have all heard of Mindfulness these days.

It’s something which many of us feel we should be doing more of, but we are not exactly sure why, or how to go about it.

We listen to the popular teachers of Mindfulness of our times, and there is something about what they are saying which draws us in.

Something about Mindfulness rings true deep within us.

But what exactly is mindfulness? And how do we practice it? And why is it so difficult?

Mindfulness – The Art of Just Being

Being Mindful is simply the practice of focusing our conscious mind on the present moment.

When we do this, even at a very basic level, we become more aware of several things:

At every given moment, we become more aware of the details of what is happening around us; more aware of what is happening within our physical body; and more aware of how we are feeling.

As our practice deepens, we begin to become more aware of the subtler aspects of ‘being’, including our interconnectedness to all of creation and the continual flow of creativity throughout the Universe and ourself.

As we deepen our practice of Mindfulness, we discover ever more subtle levels of awareness, which we discuss in more detail in our article, Levels Of Awareness.

But let’s not jump the gun here:

When we begin the practice of Mindfulness, it is essential to start simply and practically.

After all, there is no point at all in trying to establish conscious connection with a greater Source of Creation, if you cannot or have not established conscious connection with yourself!

Mindfulness Is Not Difficult

There is a common misconception which people make about Mindfulness:

That Mindfulness is difficult.

It’s not. Mindfulness is actually one of the simplest things in the world to do.

It is the practice of just being – of non-doing.

Granted, many of us struggle to simply be still within, but this is not because it is hard or difficult for us to do so.

It is because we resist it…….yes, we actually try to run away from Mindfulness!

But If Mindfulness Is So Wonderful and Valuable, Why Do I Resist It?

The simple answer is this:

Because Mindfulness brings us face to face with ourself.

It brings us face to face with all the choices we make, all the actions we take, the words we speak and even the thoughts we think.

And in reality, many of us do not really want to own these.

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That’s right – we do not want to take ownership and responsibility for many of the actions, choices, words or thoughts we have throughout our day.

Especially when we judge these thoughts, words or actions as ‘negative’ or ‘not very good’ in some way.

For instance, when our plans go awry and we get upset or angry, we don’t want to accept ownership of that reaction.

We don’t want to admit that we chose to get angry.

We much prefer to blame it on something or someone else:

Well of course I’m angry – look what’s happened to me! I am justified in being angry! Anybody else faced with the adversity which I have had to face would get angry too!

But when we practice Mindfulness, we become aware that we always have a choice:

Regardless of what is happening right now; regardless of what has happened to you in the past; regardless of how this may affect your future:

You ALWAYS have a choice.

And until we learn how to consciously exercise our power of choice in any given moment, it can be hard for us to accept responsibility for some of our actions at times.

The Magic of Mindfulness As A Tool Towards Freedom and Creative Being

However, when we learn to harness our power of choice alongside our practice of Mindfulness, something wonderful happens:

We gain the inner resources, skills and wisdom to break free from old, self-limiting habits and patterns.

We stop reacting blindly and habitually to the world around and within us.

And instead, we gain the inner freedom to consciously choose, at any given moment, how to harness the flow of creativity and energy which flows through us continually.

We stop being creatures of habit and reaction, and we become beings of empowered choice and creativity, able to consciously participate in the unfolding of our life events.

And that is the magic of Mindfulness.

To discover more about Mindfulness, read our article, What Is Mindfulness.

Or, you can dive right in and listen to our Guided Mindfulness Meditation video.

Once you feel comfortable, you can browse the articles below and choose whichever takes your fancy.

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