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Our collection of articles on the Law of Attraction. Here you find the real deal and no hype... Start using the power of LoA now...

Law of Attraction Wisdom Pod

Welcome to our Law of Attraction Wisdom Pod...

Awakened Source was initially created to provide a source of information, guidance and learning which evolves and expands from the Law of Attraction (LoA) and its broader teachings.

What does that mean?

It means that we will NOT be offering you superficial promises and ‘sensational deals’ which claim to be the source of secret knowledge and foolproof tricks which will bring your every desire delivered right into your lap while you sit back and do nothing but dream of grandeur.Why not?

Because The LoA Is NOT About Magic Tricks And Dreaming Big

The fantastic claims concerning the LoA may not be untrue:

At a certain level of understanding, yes, you could simply sit back, visualize what you dream of and it will magically manifest in your life without any apparent effort.

However, this degree of creative mastery requires an incredibly deep understanding of the greater teachings involving the LoA.

And without this degree of mastery, such magical manifestation is simply not possible on a regular or predictable basis.

The quick-fix, magic-trick approach to the LoA offers only a partial understanding of the LoA and completely neglects the deeper meanings and implications.

Which is why so many people are still struggling to implement the teachings and wisdom of the LoA:

An incomplete understanding of the LoA makes it much harder to effectively harness the creative potential within you to create meaningful life changes.

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So, What Is The LoA With Awakened Source All About?

Awakened Source is for those who are interested in learning about the Law of Attraction and its broader teachings in order to genuinely improve their creative relationship with the world around them.

Yes, for most of us this will mean improving our situation in life – perhaps through better health, more harmonious and fulfilling relationships or more secure and abundant finances.

This is all possible, and improving our life situation so we can be freer to enjoy life is certainly a worthwhile pursuit (and not only for the material comfort it can give us)!

But this is only part of the story;

The LoA Offers Something Much More Than That...

The LoA is one of our greatest sources of self-knowledge:Because what we see playing out within our own life, is a mirror of the same themes which are playing out within us.

And once we understand this intimate relationship between our inner world and our outer world, we are able to begin embracing our full creative potential.

We become empowered co-creators, not just of our own life, but of the world in which we want to live!

So, What’s Next?

Have a browse through the articles and videos below to learn more about the Law of Attraction with Awakened Source.

Also, we will be continually adding new articles and videos to our website so don’t forget to check in periodically to see what’s new.If you want to stay current with Awakened Source and new information, make sure to follow our Facebook page, AwakenedSource where you can also post your comments and questions.

You can also visit our other Wisdom Pod:  Mindfulness

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