If The Law of Attraction Is Real, Why Doesn’t It Work For Everyone?

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Find out why so many people are continuing to have little success with the Law of Attraction, despite being told how easy it is to harness.


If Law of Attraction Is Real Why Doesnt It Work

If The Law of Attraction Is Real, Why Doesn’t It Work?

We are continually assured of how easy it is to harness the LoA to manifest our dreams, but many of us are still struggling to make any significant improvements in life.


Because most of what we are being told about the LoA is superficial and misleading.  

The LoA is real, and once you understand the fundamental principles upon which it is based, you will be able to make it work to your advantage.

In the following article we introduce the basic misconceptions which form the popular and modern concept of the Law of Attraction.

We also dispel some of the myths surrounding the LoA which have arisen in order to effectively market and package it, and outline why so many people are struggling to see real evidence of the Law of Attraction at work in their lives.

Are We Being Misled – Can The LoA Really Be As Simple and Easy As They Say?

The Law of Attraction (LoA) is being alluringly packaged and sold these days as a quick and easy means to attract whatever you want into your life.

However, despite being told that the LoA is simple and easy to implement, many people are struggling to put what they are being told into practical use to improve their life.


Frankly, because the vast majority of what is being taught about the LoA is incomplete, superficial and grossly misleading.

And here’s why:

The LoA is being marketed and sold as a quick and easy tool to enable you to get what you want in life with the minimal effort.

And it’s easy to see why:

It’s a really attractive offer! Who wouldn’t want to buy into a technique which allows to have whatever you want in life, simply from dreaming about it!

Also, it’s not entirely untrue – at a certain level of understanding and mastery, it is really that simple; it is possible to create a mental image of something and have it manifest physically in your life.

So really, they are not lying to us when they tell us how easy it is to harness the LoA.

However, the LoA is part of a much broader teaching; a teaching which will, for most people, require a fundamental shift in the way they perceive and relate to the world around them, and to themselves.

And although this can be easy in theory, to actually transform fundamental beliefs which you have held throughout most of your life can be a challenging concept for many.

It requires, for most of us, a re-programming of our sub-conscious mind.

Find Out Why The Simplicity of the LoA Can Be Misleading……

Most simple laws and statements tend to carry within them a much vaster body of wisdom and information.

And this is true for the simple LoA as well.

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Yes, when correctly understood, it can be harnessed to attract whatever you choose into your life.

But it is not quite as simple as just visualizing what you want and waiting for it to be delivered into your lap.

Why not?

Because, for most of us, consciously utilizing the LoA to attract into our life our dreams and desires involve a huge shift in our belief system of how the universe works and our own personal role within it.

After all, the LoA is a universal law – that means it is already at work in your life – it always has been and always will be.

It is not something you need to switch on or activate – you are already ‘using’ the LoA.

It is already fully present and working in your life, whether you have been aware of it or not.

The reason that simply thinking positive thoughts is often not effective for many of us is this:

It is not just our conscious thoughts which create our energy vibration and point of attraction.

Our sub-conscious thoughts and beliefs are also made of energy vibrations.

And they are also radiating into the world, attracting like energy to them.

So, if you have a conscious thought about an abundance of love in your life, but a sub-conscious belief about the lack of love in your life, the two will contradict and cancel out each other’s energy.

Resulting in little actual change in your life experiences of love.

You can read more about the interaction between The Law of Attraction and The Law of Belief.

Just Because Its Not Working, Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Real

So you see, the LoA IS real and it DOES work.

It may not be working for you in the way you wish it too just yet.

But this simply means that you need fine tune your energy – you need to adjust your vibration to bring it into alignment with what you want to experience.

How long will that take?

There is no set answer to that – it will depend upon many things, but we do know this:

If you work with patience, curiosity and an open mind and heart, your creative relationship with the world around WILL start to improve.

So don’t give up – when something is not working, take a break, have some fun, then come back it.

If you have any questions or comments, post them below or on our Facebook page, Awakened Source, and we help to get you back on track.

Kitt Keawwantha

Christina works as an Energy Intuitive and Holistic Life Guide in Phuket, Thailand. Originally from Scotland, she has spent the past 14 years travelling, studying, living and working across Asia.

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