How To Believe In Your Vision Of Success

5 Tricks To Change Self-Doubt Into Self-Belief

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When working with the law of Attraction to create positive change in our life, few of us have any trouble in envisioning what we want to bring into our life. Activating our energy centers with a vision of our desire is the easy part.

By far the biggest challenge most of us have in manifesting our dreams has nothing to do with our ability to visualize and ‘Ask’ for what we want. The biggest challenge most us face is this:

manifesting our dreams has nothing to do with our ability to visualize

We don’t truly believe we can attain our dream.

This negative belief can appear in many disguises:

  • I don’t deserve my dream.
  • My dream is too selfish.
  • My dream may be attainable sometime in my future, but I’m not ready yet.
  • My dream is possible for some, but not for me: Other people may have what I want, but they are different to me (they have more luck/money/experience/support/beauty/friends/etc.)

So, how can you turn off the negative and contradictory beliefs that are keeping your dreams just beyond your reach?

How can you flip the switch from Self-Doubt to an abundance of Self-Belief?

With these 5 Simple daily tricks, you can easily transform your thoughts, emotions, energy and vibration to one of infinite faith and belief in yourself and your dreams:

Change Self-Doubt into Self-Belief

1 – Begin Each Day As If Your Dream Has Come True

When you wake up in the morning, before you get out of bed, spend a few moments imagining that your dream has already come true. With your eyes still closed, imagine that you are waking up in that new house with the spectacular view, that you will be getting dressed for that dream job or that you will be waking up next to the love of your life. Whatever you are in the process of attracting, imagine it to be true first thing upon waking, before the old ‘reality’ of your day can trigger any contradictory thoughts.

Allow your imaginings to generate very real emotions in your heart of attainment, abundance, satisfaction and gratitude that you have achieved your goal. Then, with those deep seated feelings of abundance, gratitude and satisfaction in the center of your heart, get out of bed and ready for your day with those same feelings of satisfaction and gratitude radiating from every pore of your skin.

2 – Live Today As If It Is Your Last (Of Your Old Life)

As you go about your day today, think, feel and pretend that it is the last day of your old reality – that tomorrow, you will waking up to that new life, to the dreamed-for reality you are currently manifesting.

As you do so, appreciate all the things that you will be leaving behind, whether they are unpaid bills, feelings of loneliness, frustrations at work or an old, leaky roof. Whatever it is in your current experience which you find frustrating or demoralizing, simply imagine that this is the last time you will have to experience it and say a fond farewell to it. That way, it will cease to generate those negative feelings of frustration and need, helping to re-direct your energy in more positive ways.

3 – Get To Know The New You

Spend some time getting to know the ‘new’ You – the You who is living the life you are dreaming of. Imagine that you have attained your dream already and ask yourself: What kind of clothes do you wear now? Where do you like to eat? Who are your friends? What kind of thoughts do you think now?

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Wherever possible, adopt these new ways: Buy yourself a new outfit, go for a meal at that restaurant, join a social club and think those new, empowered, abundant and happy thoughts.

4 – Switch Over To Channel NOW

Whenever you catch yourself indulging in negative self-talk (criticisms of yourself, doubts about the ‘how to’, anxiety over the ‘what-ifs’, complaining about the present, etc.), change the channel! Take deep breath and bring your attention to the NOW – to the present moment – using Mindfulness.

Practicing Mindfulness will allow you to re-direct your conscious attention away from limiting beliefs and negative self-talk, and towards the richness and abundance of each and every moment.

Check out our Get Connected mindfulness meditation for a simple, easy exercise in Mindfulness.

Mindfulness will allow you to re-direct your conscious attention

5 – Give Your Inner Critic A Hug And A (metaphorical) Donut.

Sometimes, despite our best intentions to be positive, our inner critic just won’t be silenced. At these times, when that inner, critical voice just won’t give up, it’s time for a different approach. The more we push against something, the more resistance we create, and this just empowers and strengthens the very thing we are trying to push away.

So, if your inner critic refuses to be banished, try giving it a hug instead. Be compassionate with that inner voice. After all, it is not really out to sabotage you. It is actually trying to protect you and help you survive and stay comfortable. It is trying to avoid you getting hurt by stepping out into the unknown.

Rather than judging it as ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’, imagine you can give it a hug and let it know that you can hear it. Listen to the inner voice, acknowledge the fears that it holds and then gently remind it that those fears are no longer relevant to your current time of growth; that you no longer need to remain in your comfort zone. After all, you are ready to grow and expand, and that can be a scary process, even when we are growing towards the very life that we dream of.

The more we push against something, the more resistance we create

So don’t push against your inner critic. Think of it as a friend who is truly concerned for you and who wants what is best for you, but who is just too short-sighted to see your vision. Give that ego-conditioned inner friend a hug and a metaphorical donut to help them feel better. After all, just because you can hear the voice, it doesn’t mean you have to believe in what it is saying. Give it a smile and remind yourself that the voice and the fears it is communicating are just a residue of an old vision and will fade away of their own accord as you look forward, towards your dreams.

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Christina works as an Energy Intuitive and Holistic Life Guide in Phuket, Thailand. Originally from Scotland, she has spent the past 14 years travelling, studying, living and working across Asia.

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