9 Easy Ways To Help Children Harness The Law of Attraction

9 Top Tips To Empowering Your Child To Harness The Law Of Attraction For A Life Of Joyful, Creative Abundance

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By far the biggest challenge most of us have in consciously harnessing the Law of Magnetic Attraction, is that our sub-conscious and self-limiting beliefs can contradict the vision of our dreams. Read more about the Law of Belief here


Many of these beliefs are formed in our childhood, during our formative years. So, as parents and adults, if we can consciously work to instill positive, empowering beliefs within our children, they will be better able to successfully manifest their goals throughout their life.

9 Top Tips To Empower Your Child To Harness The Law Of Attraction

  1. Don’t Teach That They Can Have EVERYTHING That They Want

There is a big difference between having everything that you want, and having anything that you want. As a parent, we would love to give our children everything that they want – we want them to spread their wings and experience as much joy as possible.

But even if you teach your child that they can have everything that they want, at some point in their life, their experience is going to contradict this. They will be confronted with something which they simply can’t have.

If you have not prepared them for this, and giving them the tools and skills in dealing with this situation in a positive and empowering manner, their confidence, in themselves and the Universe, will come crashing down.

Instead, teach them that they can have ANYTHING that they truly want, and then help them work towards creating it.

  1. Teach Them How To Determine What They Really Want

As we mature into and through adulthood, we need to learn to differentiate between what we really want for our self, and what others want for us. Discovering our individuality is not easy and we can be caught up in the trappings of what our family, culture, peers or society expect of us.

learn to differentiate

Young children are not yet ready to fully spread their wings of individuality, but we can prepare them to navigate this important transition by teaching them early on to differentiate between what they really, truly want in their hearts, and what they simply like the idea of.

Teach them that they can like and appreciate something without necessarily wanting to possess or experience it. Also, teach them to see through the (often very aggressive) marketing campaigns which are geared towards making your child want their product.

  1. Teach Them The Power Of Choice

As humans, probably the greatest gift we have is our power of choice. In every given moment, we are making countless choices – about how to think, act, feel, and respond to life. Teach your child that they have the power to choose how to respond to different situations, and that their choice has very real effects, both on themselves and on the people and world around them.

The greatest gift we have to give

Not only does this teach them that they have the power to influence their own life in some way, it also teaches them to be more responsible human beings.

Of course, it is also important as a parent or adult to then allow your child to exercise their power of choice, and for you to step back when it is safe to do so. Let them make a choice and act on it, then see the consequences of that choice.

Try to avoid the urge to lecture if it all goes wrong (which it invariably will as that is all part of a healthy learning curve, and simply a part of life). Instead, encourage them to self-assess the quality of that choice and its outcomes, stepping in with gentle guidance when needed to help your child find the clarity and empowerment to move forwards.

  1. Set Responsible And Compassionate Boundaries

Although we want to teach children the power of choice, and allow them to exercise and learn how to direct this power, we also need to set boundaries. As children, they simply do not have the experience or maturity to set healthy boundaries for themselves.


So sometimes, the responsible adult will need to step in and set those boundaries. This in effect is cutting off the child’s power of choice, which can leave them feeling powerless and out of control. So, when you need to limit their choice and set those boundaries (No, you can’t have another ice-cream, or watch another film, or smash your toys up when your mad, etc), do so with compassion.

Remember that they are still learning how to navigate a healthy path through life, and part of that navigation and growth is to explore the boundaries they are given, first by parents, then by their culture and finally by the laws of the Universe.

We want them to acknowledge and accept the boundaries we set for their own safety and well-being, but we don’t want to amputate their natural inclination to keep testing those boundaries and seeing where they can push beyond them to discover something new about themselves and the world.

  1. Don’t Let Money Be A Controlling Factor

When you do have to say no to something, try to avoid letting money be the reason. Even if you are saying no because it is too expensive or you just don’t have the cash for it right now, try to find another way to explain it.

money is limiting their choices

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You can use environmental responsibility; too many plastic toys, for example, can put a huge strain on the environment if we ask for so many of them. WARNING – don’t use guilt to teach this point; just use the concept of responsibility and balance, and determining if your desire for it is worth the environmental effort to produce it.

You could use the play factor; if you have too many toys, you won’t be able to play with them all.

You can use health; too many sweets will make your body less strong and healthy.

At those times when there is no way around explaining that money is the controlling factor, allow them to take control of the situation whenever possible. Help them to find a way to feel empowered about money. Maybe they can save their pocket money or do some odd jobs or sell some old toys to earn the cash they need.

  1. Teach Them To Focus Their Creative Energies

In every moment, we have creative energy pouring through us. Caroline Myss calls this our energy allowance. If we scatter it on wanting too many different things, we lose our power to attract anything.

So we can teach our children to focus this energy on one thing at a time, which gives them further experience in exercising their power of choice.

  1. Teach Them That The Universe Is Magical

Let’s face it, the Universe is a magical place, and kids know it. They see magic everywhere. As adults we can nurture this and help them integrate the magic and mystery into a deep and powerful connection with the world around them.

integrate the magic and mystery of life

It’s important to remember that the process of attracting and manifesting is not a sole effort. It is an act of co-creation; we don’t do it on our own. We work with the magical, divine, creative energy of the Universe – call it what you will.

Nurturing this magical outlook, in practical and sensible ways, will help your children keep the belief that indeed, anything is possible. It also teaches them that they are not alone in the effort of creation, so even if they don’t know exactly how it will work, they don’t need to lose hope as there are other forces working to help them.

  1. Don’t Lose Hope When You Don’t Get What You Want

It’s inevitable – sometimes, we simply don’t get what we want. At these times, it can be easy to get frustrated and feel powerless to direct our life. However, in truth we are never truly powerless. We always have our power of choice.

greatest gifts you can give


Teaching children that, even in adverse circumstances, they can use their power of choice to direct the energies and ultimately content of their life, is an immensely empowering gift. After all, we cannot control everything in our life, and indeed, we shouldn’t want to. No matter how hard we try or how carefully we plan, the unexpected can always be expected to make an appearance at some point.

And teaching our children to be prepared for that is absolute gold. No matter how adverse the situation may be, we always have our power of choice in how we choose to respond to the situation. Giving our children the skills needed to respond with empowering choices, rather than reacting from sub-conscious fears, is possibly the greatest gift you can give them.

  1. Don’t Just Talk The Talk – Walk The Walk Too

No matter how much we explain something or teach a certain lesson, children predominantly and ultimately learn through observation. If you want your children to learn these skills, then you have to start using them yourself.

it is ok to make mistakes.

It doesn’t mean you have to be perfect. Actually, making mistakes as a parent can be valuable for a child, as long as you are not afraid to admit your mistake and talk about it. Doing so in an open and self-compassionate way will teach your child that it is ok to make a mistake and that making a mistake is not the end of the world. You simply need to stop, take stock and choose the best way forward from where you are.

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So, there you have it. 9 ways you can help guide your child towards an empowered, creative life of joy and abundance.

Next up, I will give you 9 Fun Activities For Kids To Harness The Law of Attraction.

The information contained in this article is not intended to reflect anything other than the ideas and beliefs of the author and are not representative of any other body of knowledge, advice or experience.

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Christina works as an Energy Intuitive and Holistic Life Guide in Phuket, Thailand. Originally from Scotland, she has spent the past 14 years travelling, studying, living and working across Asia.

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