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The Law of Magnetic Attraction is often misinterpreted as a ‘Get Whatever You Want’ wish magnet; simply cast your desires into the universal pool of abundance and effortlessly reel in your dreamed-of-reality.

In practice, this superficial and misleading take on the process of creative manifestation misses the mark considerably. Many people having tried this ‘Get Rich Quick’ approach are left either frustrated and disempowered, or materially wealthy but just as dissatisfied and empty as before.


Well, for several reasons, some of which are:

  • Life is not just about getting everything that you want and desire.
  • Manifesting is not a one-man-show; we don’t really create anything, but we co-create with the creative energy of the Universe (God/Tao/Source/Consciousness/etc.).
  • Your desire or dream is only one of many other energies which affect your overall energy and vibration; your beliefs, fears, memories, expectations and emotions are all affecting your energy vibration too.
  •  The Law of Attraction is only one of several other Universal Laws, all of which are constant and all of which are just as much a factor in the experience you have in life.

Many people are feeling the inner yearning for something ‘more’ in their life. And they recognize, either consciously or subconsciously, the dis-empowerment which they feel. Intuitively, they know that the Law of Attraction holds some great potential and wisdom for them, but using it simply to manifest ‘things’ doesn’t satisfy that hunger. At least, not for long anyway.

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And that’s because it’s not about gaining power over the laws of creation to get what you want.

It’s about learning to work within the laws of creation to become an empowered and conscious co-creator.

Once we start to understand our intimate and profound relationship with the world around us and the energies flowing through us, we awaken a source of creative abundance within us which flows from our hearts into our life, our relationships, our communities, our societies and the universe at large. We become conscious catalysts in the collective art of co-creation.