9 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids To Teach Them How To Co-Create With Abundance And Joy

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This article follows on from last week’s post, Helping Children Harness The Law Of Attraction, where I outlined 9 Top Tips to help your child harness the power of the Law of Attraction.

As a parent, we want to give our children the best that we can in life. And what better gift could we give them than to teach them how to harness the creative energies which are flowing through them in fun, purposeful and loving ways.

So following are 9 fun things you can do with your child to help them engage their creative potential and start their journey on becoming an empowered co-creator of life.

9 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids (and they work just as well for parents and adults too!):

  1. Gratitude Journal

Make or buy a small notebook for your child to start recording things which s/he is grateful for. When you first introduce the Gratitude Journal, do it together, so that you can guide your child through it and help them out.

The best thing to do is to have your own Gratitude Journal and to set time aside each day for you both you record your Thankful For list. That way, your child will see you doing it regularly and will be more likely to get interested and involved.

Allow them to get creative with the cover, and with their journal entries. They don’t have to just write a list; they could draw pictures, cut out pictures from a magazine, add photos or a token of something that happened that day, like a ticket or a flower.

This way, it becomes more of a Gratitude Scrapbook and allows your child to get more creative. It also allows younger kids, who are not yet proficient in or able to write yet, also join in.

  1. Visualization Board

Yup, we have all heard of it, and some of you may have your own. So why not get one for your child too. I found it really helpful for my eldest boy (5 years old) to help him stay focused on what it was that he wanted.

He is so passionate and in the moment, that whichever toy he sees, he wants! Having a visualization Board allowed him to weigh up whether he wanted the new toy that just popped up on the telly, or if he still preferred to manifest the toy which he had chosen to pin to his board (in this case, a Star Wars speeder bike).

When choosing the board, make sure it is not too large. The board is there to help them learn to focus their desire and if it is too large, they will be able to add too many things to it, thereby missing the point.

  1. Think Of Experiences To Manifest (Not Just ‘Things’)

Once your child has their Visualization Board up and running, help them to think of some experiences which they would like to manifest, rather than just ‘things’. This is a valuable exercise for 2 reasons:

  1. It teaches them that experience is also a valuable thing to bring into your life, and that our desire and joy does not have to be centered on the acquisition of material goods.
  2. By talking about the experience that they choose to manifest, you can teach them to connect with the emotion/s involved in that experience. And as we know, it is our ability to connect with and work consciously with the emotions and energies underlying our thoughts and desires which ultimately direct our ability to manifest successfully or not.

Remember; you can manifest experiences too, not just things

  1. Goal Setting

Once your child has decided what it is they wish to co-create and bring into their experience, it may help to set goals for the process. This is especially helpful if the desired object or experience may take some time or gathering of resources.

By setting goals along the way, your child will be able to see that they are making progress, and this will encourage and empower them.

Examples of some mid-manifesting goals could be amounts of money needed to be saved, qualifications needed or experience required; or it could simply be a to-do list such as call my friend, tidy my room, record in my Gratitude Journal and find a picture for my Vision Board.

  1. Acknowledging Their Progress

Take some time to acknowledge your child’s progress and to talk about how they are doing. Let your child self-assess their own progress and tell you how they feel they are doing, showing encouragement and belief in them.

You could even make a progress chart together, ticking off the days or adding a sticker for each dollar saved. Another way to acknowledge progress to is to recognize synchronicities and signs, and also experiences which generate a similar emotion to the emotion connected with attaining their desire.

For example, if your child is working on manifesting a new toy (in my son’s case, a Lego Mixels character), you could acknowledge progress being made each time s/he saves some money in the piggy bank, sees an advert for that toy, or simply having fun playing with other toys.

Recognize synchronicities, signs and also experiences

  1. Play!

This is the best one of all. Not only is it great fun, it is also the most powerful. The reason is that the Universe already knows what your child wants, and the more we can all just get out of the way, the more likely it will be to manifest.

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All too often, when we really want something, we can get caught up in the wanting of it – waiting for it to manifest, frustrated that it hasn’t arrived, unhappy because we don’t have it yet.

But as soon as we forget about it and go do something fun, we immediately engage in feel-good emotions which will help to bring our feel-good desire towards us, even though we are not thinking about it at all (exactly because we are not thinking about it).

Engaging in the feel good emotions of playing

  1. Empowering Stories of Anything Is Possible

Tell your child stories in which anything is possible or in which all the odds are beaten. A favourite of my son’s at the moment is the story of the Tortoise and the Hare. At the start of the story, it seems impossible that the tortoise can win, but win she does, beating all the odds.

Stories like this can teach your child that indeed, anything is possible, so even if they have no idea how they will manifest their dream, they can still consider it possible if they stay focused and don’t give up.

  1. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone Together

As your child grows up, they will need to push beyond their comfort zone in order to fully spread their wings and fulfill their potential. No matter how much we desire to usher positive change into our life, it can be a daunting experience as our basic survival reaction is to resist change and not take risks.

By introducing the idea to your child, in fun and playful ways, it helps to prepare them for pushing beyond their comfort zone and known limits in safe and empowered ways when they are adults.

Don’t over-do it by pushing too far and too extreme; just try a new experience which challenges some aspect of yourself.

Perhaps it will be a kayaking trip or a camping weekend; or maybe giving a speech or trying a new and exotic food. Whatever it is, have fun and don’t force it. The aim here is to teach your child that it can be fun to try new things and get out your comfort zone.

As your child grows up they will need to push beyond their comfort zone

  1. Embrace Your Uniqueness

Each and every one of us is unique – and that is a GREAT thing. Sadly, much of modern culture squeezes us into some kind of box, defining our self as this or that.

When we negotiate who we really are inside in order to fit into a role deemed acceptable by our family, society or culture, we severe our ability to co-create with passion, purpose and joy.

Find ways to celebrate your child’s (and your own) uniqueness. Encourage their interests and self-expression, and avoid the temptation to push or encourage them to be like you, like the same things as you or fit into a pre-packaged good-little-boy/girl box.

When your child is older, on the cusp of adolescence, you can talk to them about the social pressures surrounding their ability and confidence in being unique and expressing themselves authentically; the pressure to conform and the pressure to judge and compare. Talking about these pressures in your own experience will help your child be more aware of these pressures in their own life.

Finding fun and safe ways to gently push beyond your known boundaries and comfort zone

Don’t Forget To Have Fun

So there you have it; 9 Fun Things To Do With Your child to teach them about the Law of Attraction. But whatever you do – make it FUN.

Don’t force it if your child is not interested – the last thing you want to do is to make them think that it is a chore. If they are really not into it at all, just let it go for now. Keep doing the exercises yourself and wait for your child to show an interest and ask you about it.

If you haven’t read the previous article yet, Helping Children Harness The Law Of Attraction, you can read that here – it outlines 9 Top Tips To Empower Your Child To Harness The Law Of Attraction For A Life Of Joyful, Creative Abundance.

The information contained in this article is not intended to reflect anything other than the ideas and beliefs of the author and are not representative of any other body of knowledge, advice or experience.

Kitt Keawwantha

Christina works as an Energy Intuitive and Holistic Life Guide in Phuket, Thailand. Originally from Scotland, she has spent the past 14 years travelling, studying, living and working across Asia.

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