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An online source of wisdom, inspiration & skills where you can:

  • Discover how to lead your life from a place of conscious empowerment and creative fulfillment.
  • Learn practical skills and techniques to start integrating meaningful life changes right NOW.
  • Share knowledge, ideas and skills which foster a more creative and meaningful experience of life.

What does all that mean exactly?

It means this:

Awakened Source provides a reliable and effective, tried & tested, resource of learning and wisdom for everyone who is interested in improving their creative relationship – with themselves, with others and with the world around them.

WISDOM PODS : A growing source of articles, videos and information………..

We have organized our articles and videos into 2 pods of wisdom so you can easily find what you are looking for. However, the information in each of the Wisdom Pods overlaps and is inter-related, so don’t be shy and browse through them all!


Your guide to creative manifestation and much more…

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Your guide to consciously directing your awareness…

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Get  Ready To Begin Your Journey of Discovery

Awakened Source is a growing and evolving center of information and resources, and we will be continually adding more articles, videos, courses and books. But there is plenty to get started with for now.

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You can start by having a look at some of the articles and videos in the Wisdom Pods above, and follow wherever your curiosity takes you.

Walking The Path………

As many ancient traditions tell us:

‘There are many paths but they all lead to the same place.’

Awakened Source is a collection of the paths we have personally wandered, and a sharing of what we have discovered, experienced and learned along the way.


For many, there is often no turning back: Once you embark on the journey, you are free to choose whatever path and direction you wish, but the option to go back and return to a pre-conditioned life of habitual reactions is rarely an option!

The only way is forward – towards becoming an empowered co-creator, not just of your own life, but of the world in which you want to live!

Still Not Sure Where To Start?

  • Start by browsing through the videos and articles in the Wisdom Pods – choose whichever takes your fancy and tugs at your natural curiosity.

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